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Variety Pack, 90mm X 6

Variety Pack, 90mm X 6

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Bundle & Save 20% for Memorial Day with Nutr Variety Bundle! No code needed - applied at check-out.

Bundle the Nutr Machine with our newest wellness line, Nutr Blends! Nutr Variety Bundle features the Nutr Machine plus a Nutr Blends Variety Pack to try one of each flavor.


When you’re looking for a healthy, planet-friendly alternative to traditional dairy or store-bought milks, the Nutr Machine is the answer you’ve been looking for. Designed to work with a variety of ingredients, our plant-based milk machine creates a tasty, nutritious nut milk everyone at home will love!

The Nutr Machine makes a variety of dairy free milks in mere minutes – such as almond, oat, cashew, walnut, soy, coconut, rice, flax, peanut & more! A perfect solution for quickly making hot and cold milk-based beverages, creamers, smoothies and beyond. 

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