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Totlogic Leave-in Conditioning Spray, 8oz (lavender Bliss)

Totlogic Leave-in Conditioning Spray, 8oz (lavender Bliss)

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  • Provides Serious Hair Detangling Help For Knots, and Snarls For All Hair Types
  • Spritz On Wet Hair After Every Wash To Ease Combing
  • Also Use On Dry Hair Anytime To Protect, Nourish, Eliminate Frizz and Fly-Aways, and to Combat Bedhead

TotLogic Leave-In Conditioning Hair Spray helps detangle, condition, and smooth hair, and aids in eliminating frizz, static, and fly-aways.It is also extremely effective in the mornings to help combat a bad case of bed head. Made with our proprietary and natural blend of the highest quality botanicals and emollients to nourish and protect hair, our detangler spray will not weigh hair down, and will leave it soft, silky, and refreshingly and lightly scented with our essential oil blend.

TotLogic Conditioner in Original Scent is Infused with a powerful blend of natural botanicals, antioxidants, and nourishing emollients. It is scented with essential oils; including chamomile and bergamot and infused with white tea extract. Our original scent is light and airy, with a base note of chamomile and a top note of bergamot, which has both floral and citrus notes. We think it smells like a sunny, fresh spring morning in the country side, and since the scent is so light and natural, it also appeals to those that prefer unscented products too.

My 2 children have different hair types. One has fine, thin hair and the other has thick, wavy and coarse hair. Will it work for both of my kids?

Yes, Our TotLogic Leave-In Detangling Spray works for all hair types.

  • Will it work well with my curly hair?

Yes. It helps define curls while not weighing them down.

Is this conditioner spray tear free?

No, it is not. We suggest using your hand to protect eyes while spraying. It is best to keep all hair care products out of eyes. If contact occurs with eyes, then rinse gently and thoroughly with water.

  • TotLogic Leave- In Conditioning Spray is made with safe and natural ingredients and is easy to use on wet or dry hair
  • Infused with powerful botanicals and natural essential oils to nourish and condition hair with every spray.
  • When used in conjunction with our TotLogic Shampoo and TotLogic Conditioner, this is the perfect gentle combination for a healthy and shiny head of hair.
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