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The Theracycle 200 was specifically designed to help people with movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

With its semi-recumbent style and moving handlebars, the Theracycle 200 allows the user to get a complete full-body workout including back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

The motor makes the difference!

The Theracycle’s unique motor allows people who may not have the strength or endurance to get a full workout on traditional exercise equipment to remain active. Even on a bad Parkinson’s day, the Theracycle works with your body to help you to get the exercise you need for both your body and your mind.

A clinical study done at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio proved that individuals with Parkinson’s who participated in a forced-exercise regimen experienced significant improvement in their PD symptoms. The Theracycle 200 allows people with Parkinson’s to follow the very same forced-exercise regimen as the study.

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