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Sigma Wire & Cable | Patch Cord | Cat6 Snagless (Blue 20 Ft)

Sigma Wire & Cable | Patch Cord | Cat6 Snagless (Blue 20 Ft)

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Sigma wire by Conversions Technology Cat6 patch cables is a high performance internet cables that are the perfect solution for making sure your network stays up and running. With a 24 AWG wire, this Ethernet cord provides universal connectivity that will work with any device you put into it

Conversions Technology Cat6 offers performance at a price that is comparable to what you would find with less expensive cables but comes equipped for higher bandwidths, future proof your network so it can handle 10 Gigabit Ethernet (backwards compatible)? And meet or exceed category 6 standards in compliance TIA/EIA 568C.2 standard

Ethernet cables are used for connecting network devices such as routers, switches and wireless access points. A category 6 cable is designed to provide faster data transfer speeds than other Ethernet standards with increasing bandwidth requirements over time

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