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Grape And Strawberry Nerds Candy: 12-Ounce Giant Box

Grape And Strawberry Nerds Candy: 12-Ounce Giant Box

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One of the best things about Nerds is the box. With the slide of one tab, you get a handful of Gotta-Have Grape. With the slide of another, you get a handful of Seriously Strawberry. Going back and forth is almost as much fun as rolling around in your swivel chair, or playing with your favorite clicky pen. Almost. But then, it might be even more fun now that the box comes in this super-sized version. Instead of pouring out Nerds, it pours out little boxes of Nerds. Imagine the possibilities.

Box Dimensions-
Width: 7.5 Inches
Height 9.75 Inches
Depth: 2 Inches

Gift box contains 12 ounces of Wonka Grape and Strawberry Nerds Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.
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