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BOYS - BASIC DANCE TIGHT (All Colors And Sizes)

BOYS - BASIC DANCE TIGHT (All Colors And Sizes)

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The best white tights for male dancers, period. 

We found an amazing fabric for our Precision Fit line that when worn in white gives the same feel, function and look as the black color. They have the HIGHEST opacity than any other mens and boys tights in the dancewear market. They also are not too thick! Our old High Opacity white tights were too heavy and sometimes would fall down. These stay put, are wrapped around the body beautifully and don't sag! 

An evolution of the revolution boysdancetoo® started in 2010.  No dancewear creator has given this much thought to a pair of tights.

Let us begin with the fabric that makes all other tights hide in the corner: 

75% of the fabric is made out of recycled material, the other 25% gives these tights firm stretch to allow for specialized dance design contour.  It is soft as heck, warm but airy (meaning you will feel warm but not sticky). 

Let us continue with the intelligent design specifically for male ballet dancers:

The darting at the waist allows for a precise fit all over the core, including the low back, It also allows a wider line by the glutes, increasing the opacity (no more see-thru to butts!), and there are curves in the design by the knee and achilles for a sleek look and fit. The foot opening is stretchy and double stitched to protect against rips. The opening at the foot is so soft you'll never notice it while dancing in ballet flats. There is extra length in the inseam so that male dancers with longer leaners legs can get the fit they need. There is more length in the back seam so that the tights can fit between the glutes so there is no "uni-butt" look. 

We started the re-creation of these best selling tights by listening to these complaints about all other brands of tights on the market: 


:( They are too thin and see-through.

:( The black is not rich enough making the tights look greenish or dullish and the white is basically transparent. 

:( They are sometimes too shiny, sometimes too matte.

:( They don't wick moisture away enough, they are cold to the touch, they get sticky. 

:( The sizing is a mess, making dancers buy 2x or 3x up. 

:( The shape gives gapping in the lumbar area. 

:( The material is cheap feeling and doesn't hold up in the washer.

:( The convertible foot is uncomfortable and fragile.

:( The ankle is loose and makes their toe point less attractive.

:( Not long enough so they pull and pull!

:( The waist line falls down after dancing making the dancer fuss with it during class or worse, performance. 

:( An unattractive front seam showing through costumes. 

The boysdancetoo® fix:

:) The softest fabric with mostly recycled material. 

:) Higher opacity than any other white tights on the market. 

:) Rich, deep color that is not too shiny or matte or dull. 

:) Warm on the body helping muscles stay warm even back stage, yet highly moisture wicking, creating the perfect balance between warmth and comfort. 

:) Actually true to size. 

 :)  Darting in the waist creating a pulled in look and feel around the waist and core also assisting in no dropping of the waist line. 

:) Hidden 1/2" buttons for even more lift at the waist when button hole elastic is applied. 

:) High waist with comfortable roll down.

:)  Contoured shape by the knee and ankle for no gapping, accentuating toe point and lengthened legs. 

:) A luxe fabric that holds up in the wash. A fabric you'd want to wear forever. 


75% recycled poly  / 25% spandex


- No front seam.

- Extra high waisted for maximum height options.

- Vertical mid-torso darting for added support and lift. The darting is delicate in order to be seamless! Caution when pulling up. Once fully on the body, darting is secure and strong, but guys, take caution and don't yank on the waist of tights to get them up. This goes for all brands of tights: First pull from the ankle, then knee, then sides of hip prior to pulling up at the waist band. 

- Sewn-in hidden buttons (1/2 inch) for optional suspender attachment (look up "button hole elastic" on etsy for tons of options and colors).

- Reinforced stretch-thread cut in the sole.


boysdancetoo® owner, Michael is 5'8" and 150 pounds and wears size small. 

- Narrow and long but very stretchy. You could even go down a size and be fine. No more going up 2 to 3 sizes cuz it's mens or boys dancewear. What you normally would buy in a department store is what you'd get here. 

- Inspired by the pre-professional and professional male ballet dancer.

- Slim with added length that fit all heights short to tall beautifully.

 Buy suspender elastic on Etsy, there are tons! 

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