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WOLF KING GT PRO 72V35AH 2*2000W (street, Offroad)(all Colors)

WOLF KING GT PRO 72V35AH 2*2000W (street, Offroad)(all Colors)

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The Wolf King GT is here! The next generation of the famed Wolf Warrior, beloved by scooter enthusiast for its thrilling on and off-road experience, features various upgrades to an already awesome scooter, taking the riding experience to a new level.Conquer any terrain on this high-performance scooter designed for the ultimate off-road experience! Leave your car behind and dive into thrilling off-road adventures during your daily commute to work or weekend escapades. This rugged machine ensures you not only reach your destination swiftly but also lets you relish an unmatched feeling of freedom and excitement as you conquer challenging terrains.

With its huge 72V 35Ah LG or Samsung battery, range anxiety becomes a thing of the past, as you can confidently explore trails up to 90 miles und optimal conditions.

With a brand new cockpit featuring a comfortable thumb throttle and a large centered 4.2" TFT-display you can now customize your ride like never before! Check your speed, milage, driving mode, etc. at a glance and adjust driving modes or start torque to your liking.

If you are looking for a sturdy off-road scooter with high performance, great suspension and feature-loaded controls, the Wolf King GT Pro is the perfect choice!

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