Western Harmonics - Solar and Battery 12 inch Fan Kit 6 hours run-time portable

$ 199.00

Product Details

  • Model: 1521-HG
  • Shipping Weight: 14lbs
  • Manufactured by: Western Harmonics

This solar and battery system kit includes a medium size fan for a wide range of application and is 100% solar powered. This system comes with a 15 watt solar power supply featuring a wireless on/off controller and 5ah battery pack. The fan is a snap to use, simply plug the cord into the fan with easy to use plug and play connector. To charge the system, place the panel in full sunlight facing the sun to charge the battery pack, and is capable of charging while running the fan. Features a top quality 15 watt Solar Panel and a great strong running medium size solar fan. The fan included with this system can be mounted in a multitude of different positions, offering a wide range of possible uses....and it goes great, good air mover. With integrated battery storage, place in the on position and your system will be running on the charge your solar panel stored up during the day. A great solution designed to run off solar making this a great solution for off-grid air movement.

The solar power supply included with this system will run additional accessories including lighting! The portable power supply included with this system allows for solar charging and storage for night time running in a convenient durable light weight mobile frame.

Additional accessories can be added to this system for expanded usage. This is our small size power supply and fan in one great combo kit.

Instructions included.

Fan dimensions: 11 inches wide, 12 inches tall

Panel dimensions: 14.5 inches x 14.5 inches 15 watts 12 volts

Integrated charge controller and battery pack, wireless on / off operation

Battery pack dimensions: 6 inches x 8 inches

Fan Cord length: 14 total feet total (2 piece extension)

Just a great simple solution for air movement. Excellent for a wide variety of uses.

Kit includes a 15 watt Solar Panel, charge controller, battery pack and fan.

SLA AGM Battery is included with this system. Fan features a 12 Volt Brushless system for long life and great operation! Low Voltage Solar Powered for off grid running!

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