Tonle - Striped Kaftan Dress

$ 62.00

Product Details

The Tonlé Designs Cream and Grey Striped Kaftan Dress is made from recycled 80-100% knit cotton jersey for the no-fuss minimalist to go about her day in style and comfort. A hand printed designs add personality and color. Gentle wash, hang dry, warm iron inside out. 

Tonlé is a team of sewers earning good wages and benefits from working in a bright, airy, and open Phnom Penh, Cambodia workshop. The team loves making clothing made from factory remnants which are selected monthly ensuring each piece of clothing is as uniquely designed as the person who makes the garment. 

Tonlé has thrown the assembly line model to the wayside, and quite frankly, we’re happy with the results. The nature of our sourcing and hand made production yields one of-a-kind, high quality pieces. Our clothes tell a story inspired by the beauty of Cambodia through fabric colors, textures and intricate screen-printed designs. Tonlé’s artistic ingenuity is attributed to the talents of lead designer and founder Rachel Faller. The design team blends unique combinations of materials and textures to make pieces that are not only flattering and well made, but intriguingly beautiful.

Working in this fashion leaves 2-3% waste, which is pretty good, considering a typical factory can average 40%. But we weren’t satisfied. This led us to pioneer a formula for making our own recycled paper, which combines tiny scraps of fabric, paper left from our office and pattern making, and natural glue. This closed the loop in our production and brought our waste down to nil. So, when you purchase a tonlé product, check for tiny threads in your hangtag and know that it was put there with both you and our planet in mind. 

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