Super Cool Products - The Super Absorb 'N Dry PVA Vacuum Sponge Block

$ 8.95

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Forget using the Sham Wow! cloth material. The The Super PVA sponge block is a highly absorbent sponge with a very smooth surface (130 micron pore size). Spill a glass of wine on your expensive carpet? No problem, simply depress the sponge in the stain, release to vacuum up to 8 - 10 ounces of spilled liquid - without dripping!! Great for spills in the kitchen, on upholstery, or defrosting the fridge or freezer.

Have a pet? Yes, it picks up both pet hair and urine like a magnet. Rinses out quickly leaving no pet hair on the sponge. Machine washable.

Try this application: Saturate the The Super PVA sponge block with fresh water (squeeze out excess). Place it in your refrigerator on the middle shelf. The Super PVA sponge block will absorb odors and hydrate the refrigerator. When it becomes dry, wash with soap in a sink or with your normal laundry, re-wet, and place again in your refrigerator. It does the same as baking soda - without the mess - and can be used again and again and again!

This sponge is also called "the marathon sponge." You probably saw it at the Olympic Games in Beijing where marathon runners used them during the race in order to stay hydrated and cool!

And, the Chinese also use this product as their "secret weapon" when playing ping pong. They use it to clean the surface of their paddles to give them a better edge for their phenomenal serves and returns.

Durable, lasts almost forever, wash n' reuse. The Super PVA Vacuum Sponge Block was previously marketed as Slurpex in the USA, Europe, and Australia! Note: Current product is white in color for both sizes.

- The Super White PVA Sponge Block in plain bag: Large 6.75" x 3" x 1.38" thick - $8.95 each

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