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Devil's Due Comics

Squarriors Vol. 2 Hardcover

Squarriors Vol. 2 Hardcover

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(W) - Ash Maczko
(A/CA) - Ashley Witter

As the sun scorches the land, so rages the fire of war. In the next chapter of the Squarriors saga, the Tin Kin aid refugees escaping Amoni oppression. Among them is a gifted seer with a strange connection to one of the Tin Kin's meekest creatures.Many days north of the Tin Kin compound, Spin fights for survival in the "feeding camps" of their land's overlords. And by season's end, the Tin Kin will have to defend their home, and their way of life, in a costly battle against invading Maw and Amoni forces. The action, mystery, and intrigue continues in Squarriors: Summer.

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