Safe Ride 4 Kids, LLC - Tummy Shield

$ 149.00

Product Details

You’ll spend hundreds in car seats to protect your baby after it’s born yet unborn babies are at at least 5 times the risk in the car. Now you can protect your baby during pregnancy too with Baby’s First Car Seat™

The Tummy Shield is the ONLY crash-tested pregnancy seat belt adjuster that actually protects baby in the event of a crash thanks to its:

  • Patented design that redirects the seat belt away from the pregnant belly, securing the seat belt at the leg, not the across the low belly where it can injure your unborn baby
  • Stainless steel plate and anchor construction that ensures it is at least as strong as the seat belt and attaches securely to the car seat and holds the seat belt firmly in place, without dangerous slippage or excessive slack
  • Hundreds of successful crash tests show the seat belt continues to comply with current safety standards.

When is the perfect time to start using a Tummy Shield? When you start buying maternity clothes. By then, the pregnancy starts to move outside the protection of the pelvic bones.

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