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Plasm Surge V3 - Pez Lemon - 21 Servings (.84lbs)

Plasm Surge V3 - Pez Lemon - 21 Servings (.84lbs)

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  • Pumps Unlocked: Say goodbye to puny pumps. Plasm Surge's Nitrosigine® and Capros® combo skyrocket your nitric oxide levels, delivering skin-splitting pumps and maximum muscle fullness.
  • Blood Flow Increase: Experience the rush! Optimized blood flow floods your muscles with nutrients and oxygen, powering through sets and crushing plateaus.
  • Stamina Boost: PQQ and Beta Alanine join the party, enhancing muscle energy production and fighting fatigue to fuel longer, harder workouts.
  • Nutrient Delivery: Get the most out of every rep. Plasm Surge optimizes nutrient uptake, ensuring your muscles get the fuel they need to grow and recover.

 As a delicious bonus, we added PEZ® Candy in every bottle - combining the electrifying power of Plasm Surge with the mouthwatering flavor of PEZ® candy.

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