$ 70.95

Product Details

The NEW PKB Heavy features a solid, aluminum handle and dust-proof liner!

Our latest version of the Portable Kettlebell makes lifting heavier weight more comfortable on your grip, more durable construction for tougher workouts AND keeps the finer sand particles where they belong - INSIDE the bag!

Ideal for gyms and training centers, heavy kettlebell training, tougher outdoor workouts, and all-around kettlebell / sandbag training and fun ;)

 Product information:

  • 0-45lb/21kg capacity (dry sand)
  • 0-22lb/10kg (water) requires purchase of TANK water bladder
  • Anodized aluminum handle
  • Dust-proof liner built inside the bag body
  • 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura fabric
  • More rugged design for tougher outdoor workouts
  • Webbing reinforced: 1,800lb+ tensile strength
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee 

Company Details

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