Olomomo Nut Company, LLC - Mango Chipotle Almonds 4 Oz. Bag

$ 4.99

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The Flavor experience:

These original, protein-packed kettle-roasted almonds might take your brain to Mexico where OLOMOMO rules the jungle. You’ll pucker at first with the tangy mango, and then a full course of sweetness, a touch of saltiness, and a mild spicy kicker unfold. The contrast of the smoky chipotle chilis lingers until you repeat the experience. It’s a transcendent rush you’ll want over and over again till you escape the jungle, reach the beach, and grab a margarita or cerveza to chill.

Ingredients: Almonds, Mango Powder, Fair Trade Organic Sugar, Chipotle, Sea Salt, Love and Zing.

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