OffHand Gear - KIT - NORM, Rear Bag + Spent Brass Pouch

$ 255.95

Product Details

This special kit includes our NORM (No Ordinary Range Mat) long range precision shooting mat which features a fan-fold style closing (no more edges curling up on you), the mat is long, wide and completely padded (who wants to feel all those branches and rocks), a bi-pod stop which also doubles as a carry handle or use the ambidextrous sling for easy carrying. NORM is light and features a velcro style loop fabric surface on the top 2 panels (30"). Why, the loop fabric? One, it is softer than traditional canvas type materials making it more comfortable. Coming soon is also a line of accessories that will have the hook side sewn onto them that make you able to attach them to the mat, keeping your accessories in place.

Also included are 2 accessories to go with NORM; the rear squeeze bag / rifle rest filled with plastic beads making it perfect for prone shooting in wet or dry conditions.  This bag also features a full length wrist strap, caribeener loop and velcro to hold it in place on NORM.  The mesh, spent brass pouch is also a handy accessory!  It also has velcro to attach to the NORM, slip your used brass into it and when you are done shooting for the day just throw it in your bag so it's handy for reload time.  Of course it can be used for just about anything, including holding your cell phone or any other tools you may want to have easy access to while shooting.

The OffHand Gear range kit is one that changes how you look at a range mat & accessories, they make sense, work well and are built in America - ready to handle the abuse of constant range time, oh and did we mention, stylish, we will have some unique fabric options coming soon!

It's packed with the features and quality you’ve come to expect from OffHand Gear.

USA Made Quality.

  • KryptekTM Fabric (500 Denier Cordura utilizes durability and water resistance).
  • Bi-pod stop that doubles as a carry handle
  • Ambidextrous adjustable shoulder sling for easy carrying.
  • Extra long (75") & wide (32") with fold out wings (added 12").
  • Dense foam padding the entire length and wings.
  • Soft, loop fabric on upper 30" of mat for added comfort and to attach accessories.
  • Fan-fold design makes for easy setup and storage without curling up while using.

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