Nori Lights v.2 - Green (Complete 2 Wheel System with 6mm Stripes)

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This Nori Lights v.2 (Complete 2 Wheel System) consist of a set of 4 activating pods and 30 feet (7.5 feet for each side of two wheels) of our amazing Electric Green Nori Light Stripes.
During the day, the stripe looks like an off-white, or a warm white. And at night, right when you turn on your Nori Lights, the stripes emit an intense vibrantt electric green light evenly across its surface.

The Green Nori Lights are the brightest system that we offer. In fact, they are so bright that they will cast a green aura glow on the road around you. No joke.

The photos and videos look cool, but our customers agree that it's nothing like seeing them in person.

Setting it up:
The pods easily mount onto your forks, facing inward towards the wheel.
The Nori Lights Stripes are installed on your rims. If installing with rim brakes, make sure you have 6mm (or 1/4 inch) of side-rim surface that is not contacted by the brake pads. If needed, often times, adjustments can be made to how high or low the brake pad contacts the side of the rim. **

As the wheel rotates, the Nori Light Stripes continuously pass by the pods which provide wireless power to the Nori Light Stripes, causing them to instantly light up and create an unbelievably bright and solid ring of light emitting from both sides of both wheels.

It's absolutely stunning to see in person.

Nori Lights v2 (Complete 2 Wheel Kit) with 6mm Nori Lights Stripes (30 ft roll - covers both sides of two wheels)

**Whenever adjustments are made to the braking system, consult with the professionals at your local bike shop to ensure safe use and functionality of your bike and its components.

Feature List:

  • Wireless - Each pod contains its power supply (2x 2032 coin cell batteries, provide 60 - 80 hours of run-time)
  • Rechargeable Option - Compatible with rechargeable batteries (comes standard with non-rechargeable batteries)
  • Anti-Theft - Pods can be removed easily to take with you
  • Sleek New Compact Design
  • Water Resistant - Wrapped in a durable premium quality silicone body
  • One Step Installation (Pods) - Self Mounting Design (No need for zip-ties)
  • Pods Can Easily Be Used On Multiple Bikes
  • 4 Setting Modes - On (Constant), Slow Tracers (Strobe), Fast Tracers (Strobe), Off
  • Easy Access to Concealed On/Off switch
  • Fully Enclosed LEDs
  • Durable Black Silicone
  • One Year Warranty
  • And More...

We include everything you need to setup, and this new design is super easy to install.


Each Nori Lights System includes: 

  • 4x Wireless Activating Pods
  • CR2032 coin cell batteries (over 80 hours of run time)
  • 30 feet of our special Nori Light Stripes (7.5 feet for each side of both wheels)
  • 4x Alcohol Wipes (to clean your rims before applying the Nori Light Stripes)
  • Info sheet with easy setup guide and tips

Extra Nori Lights stripes can also be purchased as an add-on to the standard Nori Lights system. This is great for those that want to install two rows, side-by-side, on their wheels to create an extra wide glowing surface. Also, some customers may want to install the stripes on two bikes, and then simply move the activating pods back and forth to whichever bike they prefer.

Refer to your local laws and regulations prior to use on the road.
For international orders, duty fees may be required. Contact your local Customs department for more information.

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