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Noid Lite/IAC Test Kit

Noid Lite/IAC Test Kit

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The ARES Noid Lite and IAC Test Kit includes everything you need to determine whether the EFI or IAC systems are causes of failure in non-starting vehicles. The easy-to-read light system flashes to indicate a functioning system while solid or unlit lights indicate a malfunction. You'll save time and money determining and fixing the cause of a vehicle's failure to start with this handy kit, and thanks to the convenient molded plastic case, you'll never have to search for the right light when you need it.


  • Includes: 8 pc. Noid lites, 2 pc. 4 pin connectors, and 1 pc. Storage case
  • Noid lite applications: GM TBI, Bosch PFI, Ford TBI, GM Multec 2, GM PFI, Geo TBI, GM SCPI, and Bosch 2
  • Connector types: '82 and newer GM TBI/PFI with square 4 pin connector and '87 and newer Model 700 TBNI/PFI with flat 4 pin connector
  • Noid Lites for use with or without fiber optic extension
  • Easily eliminate or confirm EFI or IAC systems as causes for failure in non-starting vehicles
  • Easy-to-read lights flash to indicate functioning systems
  • Convenient molded plastic storage case included

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