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LEVO Oil Infusion

LEVO Power Pod (Lux/ II Compatible)

LEVO Power Pod (Lux/ II Compatible)

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Effortlessly infuse fresh herbs into oils and butter using the Lux Power Pod in your LĒVO Lux machine. The self-straining stainless steel pod exterior holds up to half a cup of dry ingredients, keeping infusing easy and mess free - as it should be. 

The Lux Power Pod lid is custom fit to the Dry+ air vent in the lid of LĒVO Lux, allowing fresh herbs to dry more quickly with enhanced efficiency. For increased potency and strength of your infusions, try using two Lux Power Pods!
  • Silicone lid features a vented window for the Dry+ cycle in LĒVO Lux
  • Includes one silicone Pod Protector
  • Dishwasher safe 

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