Komega6 - Recover

$ 19.99

Product Details

Naturally helps soothe mild body aches and muscle exauhstion. May help with aches associated with muscle soreness and joint pain.

komega6 Recover: A  Sport Essential Oil Serum that delivers an All Natural Body Soothing Resolve in the Palm of Your Hand.

Help reduce stress that may come from aching muscles. Recovers' soothing scent helps relax the body and mind after strenuous activity to assist a spike in muscular recovery. Enhancing your active lifestyle.

  • 100% All Natural – No Chemicals, No Petroleum’s.

  • No Burn – A Soothing, Warming Sensation as it Soaks into the Skin.

  • Fast Acting – Immediate Relief for even Deep Down Pain

  • 100% Safe – For You, For Your Body, For Your Mind.

  • Premium Quality – cGMP Compliant, Every Batch, Every Time.

How to Use Recover

how to use essential oil

Use komega6 Recover Essential Oil after strenuous physical activity, exercise, or any sort of heavy lifting. It is also best used on a moisture rich environment such as after a hot shower or excessive sweating. 

Drop 10-15 droplets of Recover essential oil into your hand creating a small puddle. 

Rub your hands together and than briefly rub oil into your wrists. 

Then massage the essential oil into your recently fatigued muscles. Massaging deeply into the muscle tissue.

Bring your hands to your face, cupping around nose. Inhale the scents deeply for 4-5 long, deep breaths. Allowing the calming scents breath through your body and soothing the mind.

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