Komega6 - Metabolic Lift

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A Natural Appetite Suppressant, Muscle Thermogenic, And Sweat Inducing Serum. Perfect for dieters and fitness enthusiasts.

Metabolic Lift: 100% All natural Sport Essential Oil Serum that is used as a pre exercise training oil formula. Thermogenic's go to work to help increase body temperature to speed metabolism, and warm the muscles for increased muscular endurance. While the cinnamon bark helps increase metabolism. 

  • 100% All Natural – No Chemicals, No Petroleum’s.

  • No Hunger – Crushes Cravings, Suppresses Appetite.

  • Extreme Results -Highest Potency Formula, Fast Absorbing, Instant Action.

  • 100% Safe – For preparing your Body for Exercise, and for All Natural Weight Loss.

  • Premium Quality – cGMP Compliant, Every Batch, Every Time.

Komega6 Metabolic Lift is best used topically by rubbing Metabolic Lift essential oil into the skin before physical activity. 

First drop 10-15 droplets of Metabolic Lift essential oil into your hand to create a small puddle of the oil.

Rub your hands together for a moment and then massage the oil into major muscle group areas you are planning on exercising such as your legs, chest, and back muscles. Continue rubbing the oil firmly into your skin for a moment, massaging your muscles to create a warming effect to help loosen and prepare your muscles for exercise. 

Bring your hands to your face and inhale deeply for 3-4 breaths to experience the scent of the essential oil. Allow the essential oils aromatic effects help invigorate your senses to prepare for exercise, and concurrently alleviate hunger urges to suppress appetite. 

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