JJ's Pantry - Jalapeno Hot Dog Relish

$ 5.50

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Ingredients: Jalapeno peppers, red bell peppers, onion, vinegar, garlic, dill, celery seed

JJ’s Pantry Relishes and Chutneys are made from the finest hand-picked organically grown tree-ripened fruits and vine-ripened vegetables from Willcox, Arizona. At 4300’ elevation with warm days and cool nights, Willcox is the premier fruit and vegetable growing area in Arizona. Our jarred items feature old-fashioned home-canned goodness based on old family recipes passed down through generations!

Think beyond toast and biscuits and use as a topper for cream cheese and crackers or a glaze for your favorite grilled meat; add a little zip to grilled meats or your favorite sandwich.

Each and every jar of chutney and relish is made fresh when you order using minimal sugar and sealed in a 12-ounce glass bottle. Refrigerate after opening.

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