JJ's Pantry - Horseradish Mustard

$ 5.50

Product Details

The perfect blend of smoky horseradish to mustard in our Horseradish Mustard is sure to wake up any sandwich. Great as a drizzle on rare roast beef or a smear on a roast beef sandwich! JJ’s Pantry Horseradish Mustard contains: Vinegar, mustard, horseradish, garlic, honey, turmeric A refrigerator staple for every home, our handmade ketchup and mustard tastes so much better than that standard grocery store stuff! Our mustard has no added sugar, and brings a touch of heat and flavor where other mustard fails. Our ketchup has that perfect sweet and sour taste combination made healthier with a touch of Arizona honey instead of high fructose corn syrup! We have lots of flavor options for busy moms, grill masters, sandwich lovers, and tailgaters. Our products make great gifts, too! Our mustard and ketchup are made fresh, hand-picked farm fresh (never frozen) Arizona grown produce and sealed for freshness in a 100% recyclable clear 12-ounce PET bottle with a hermetic and tamper evident seal. These items are shelf-stable but please refrigerate after opening

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