JJ's Pantry - Dry White Wine & Lime Salsa

$ 5.50

Product Details

We’ve got lots of varieties of organic salsa for sale! A superb blend of Arizona grown fruit, veggies, spices and wine give this salsa a fantastic flavor. Great on fish, chicken or simply open a jar and a bag of your favorite tortilla chips! Want to try our spiciest salsa? Try JJ’s Pantry Sizzlin’ Salsa! JJ’s Pantry Dry White Wine and Lime Salsa contains: Tomatoes, onion, garlic, lime juice, jalapeno pepper, white wine, chili powder, cumin, black pepper Salsas are always a great snack with chips, but they can energize any meal and are a definite lifesaver in the middle of winter when the weather (and that stale recipe or pot of stew!) needs a little something warm and wonderful. Every jar of chutney and relish is made from hand-picked farm fresh (never frozen) Arizona grown produce and sealed for freshness in a 12-ounce PET jar. Please refrigerate after opening (if there are any leftovers).

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