Higher Mind Incense - Myrrh Resin 1oz. with Natural Coconut Charcoal

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Myrrh has held a strong place in history as a ceremonial tree resin that has been used religiously and spiritually around the world for over 5,000 years. It is also mentioned in many ancient texts, including the Bible and the Torah, for its ability to connect to the Divine. Myrrh is widely used to heighten the senses and promote a sharper sense of awareness. It is warm, spicy, balsamic, and slightly viscous in flavor. Myrrh is traditionally used in prayer, offerings, as a meditative aid, for energetic protection, cleansing and purification, clearing the mind, and much more. Our Myrrh resin is sustainably wild-harvested from the Commiphora myrrha tree in North Africa.

Each package contains 1 ounce of Somalian Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha) and 1 incense coal that can be broken up into pieces to prolong use. To burn, sprinkle crushed granules onto the hot incense charcoal on a non-flammable burning surface.

To burn our Sacred Tree Resins, place a Natural Coconut Charcoal (included) directly onto an electric burner. Turn the burner on high until red-hot. After 30 seconds, use metal tongs to flip the charcoal. After another 30 seconds, or until charcoal is red-hot, use metal tongs to remove the charcoal from the burner and place it onto a non-flammable metal, stone, or glass burning surface. Turn off the electric stove. Sprinkle small granules of resin onto the charcoal and enjoy some of the oldest incense used in the World.

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