Higher Mind Incense - Dreamwork Incense Cones

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Lighting the Dreamtime blend before sleep can create a much more vivid and visionary dreaming experience, bringing guidance and wisdom through to waking reality. Rosewood, mugwort, juniper berry and spikenard, with hints of patchouli and lavender, ease the dreamer into higher states of awareness and wonder. These aromas have also been used by many cultures around the world to promote deeper sleep, relaxation, and inner peace.

The high vibrations of the extra-terrestrial gem Moldavite are utilized in this blend to assist in the opening of the third eye and crown chakras. This may allow one to access higher dream dimensions in a clearer, more awakened state, and may help to expand the passageways to the realm of Spirit and higher wisdom.
*25 cones per package.

To burn a Higher Mind Incense™ cone, find your intention or prayer, then light for ten seconds with a lighter or matches. Place on a non-flammable metal, stone or glass burning surface, and enjoy.

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