Gluten Sugar Dairy Free LifeStyle - Slow Cooker CookBook

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With over 75 easy slow cooker recipes, this first of its kind: gluten, sugar and dairy free cookbook will make cooking easy. All the recipes have affordable and familiar ingredients that create dishes so good you may want to make them twice! Our VIP Recipe Testers have tested all of the recipes in their homes with their families and we got rave reviews!

Whether you have a food allergy, sensitivity or you are choosing to eat this way for your health, this is the cookbook for you. All the recipes, despite the long cook times, are full of flavor. Slow cooking takes the work out of mealtime and allows you to create delicious healthy meals with ease.

This  Gluten Sugar Dairy Free Slow Cooker Cookbook is packed full of easy, delicious recipes. We have a group of home cooks that are called VIP Foodie Testers that have tested all of the recipes in their own homes and we have gotten rave reviews! So much variety that you will have new tasty easy healthy meals for weeks!

Most slow cooker recipes use cans of cream based soups for base, lots of cheese. gluten and loads of sugar. It was a challenge to design a whole cookbook with delicious recipes that are all gluten, sugar, dairy free but it has been done! Our VIP Foodie Testers (home chefs around the world that sign up to help us) tried all the recipes so we know these recipes will work great and taste delicious when done in your home!

Let your slow cooker do the work for you! No strange expensive ingredients to purchase, you have most of them on hand now. Gluten Sugar Dairy Free never tasted so good or was this easy!

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