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Fun Dip Candy Packs: 48-Piece Box

Fun Dip Candy Packs: 48-Piece Box

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Easy instructions for enjoying a pack of Fun Dip:

Step 1) Lick the hard candy stick a few times.
Step 2) Dunk the stick into the Fun Dip pack.
Step 3) Lick the sweet and tangy sugar off the stick.
Step 4) Repeat.

Step 5) Decide after a few minutes of this that you might not have the patience to continue to relish the deliciously sweet flavor so slowly.
Step 6) "Accidentally" bite off a bit of the stick. Then continue to crunch away merrily, because it’s too yummy to stop… still accidentally, of course.
Step 7) Pour the rest of the sugar straight from the package into your mouth. Now that’s what we call fun!

These candy packs come in an assortment of two different Fun Dip flavors. There’s the red Cherry-Yum-Diddly and the mystical Razzapple-Magic, which starts out blue, but turns green once it touches a pre-licked stick! And remember, whether you choose to savor your Fun Dip the slow way, or finish it off in a matter of minutes, there’s truly no wrong way to enjoy the sugary Wonka favorite!

Display box contains 48 Fun Dip Candy Pouches, each with a net weight of 0.43 ounce.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.

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