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Florica Collection - Perfume (100mL)

Florica Collection - Perfume (100mL)

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Freshen up your home with our celebrated Floret Diffuser, now in seductive Mystic Rose. Part of our ultra-romantic Florica Collection, the beautiful Floret is handmade of natural tapioca fiber, taking on the shade of the fragrance oil—blooming with rich, bold color in 48 hours. This set includes a Floret with a cotton wick and a stylish hand-blown glass vase that infuses the diffuser oil with the time-released fragrance of captivating rose, refreshingly light water lily, and subtly warm sweet musk. 

Housed inside a tufted-design gift box with gold accents, the top of the box can be used as a mini tray to display your diffuser. Replacement diffuser oils and Florets are available for purchase.

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