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Disc Disease Solutions

DDS AIR (Disk Dr Knee) (all Sizes)

DDS AIR (Disk Dr Knee) (all Sizes)

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DDS’s newest innovation is the first of its kind. The DDS AIR is designed to provide superior compression support to help reduce knee pain; improve circulation; and reduce swelling. It’s strategically placed AIR chambers help protect and stabilize the kneecap by forming a buttress around the patella without limiting any range of motion.

  • Pneumatic Compression Support
  • Improves circulation & reduces swelling
  • Drug free pain relief for sore joints and muscle stiffness
  • Prevent pain by wearing during strenuous activity
  • Increases mobility
  • Air Buttress patella stabilization
  • Discreetly worn under clothing
  • Sleek, Lightweight and Breathable with Quick-Dry Fabric

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