Clingless - Diamond Brushed Nickel

$ 8.00

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The uniquely shaped Diamond Brushed Nickel apples easily and adds instant impact. Giving you up to 25% more shower space.

Full Description

Curtain Keeper - Solves Shower Curtain Cling! Description Below:

Diamond Brush Nickel Curtain Keeper might be just the shape and color your looking for. Curtain Keeper pulls the shower curtain or shower liner toward the outside edge of the bathtub. By attaching your Curtain Keeper, 12-15" inches up from the bottom, the bottom of the shower curtain remains on the inside of the bathtub. This gives back the +25% of showering shape back to you! Here are just some of the features that Clingless provides:

  • Solves Shower Curtain Cling! No more shower curtain touching you!
  • Adds over 25% of showering space back to you!
  • Comes Completely Assembled, so ZERO assembled required.
  • No Tools Required! Just snap it on 12-15" above the bottom of the Shower Liner
  • Designed to fit ANY shower curtain / shower liner and ANY bathtub!
  • Healthier as it keeps the moldy shower liner from touching you
  • Accents your boring shower liner, visible from the outside with single liner or not with double curtain.
  • Easy Care: Wipe clean with sponge and soap, throw it in the washing machine or even the dish washer!
  • Travels in any suitcase, so take it on the road to use at any hotel, resort or motel!
  • Solves the problem where it is, the bottom of the shower curtain coming in and touching you.
  • Not limited to designs, shapes or colors because they are interchangeable.
  • Better then clip on shower curtain weights or weak magnets.


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