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Cleanbox CX2 ( Cone A)

Cleanbox CX2 ( Cone A)

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The Cleanbox CX2 is a two-bay unit that can clean up to 100 virtual and augmented reality headsets and controllers per hour in 1-minute cleaning cycles reaching 99.999% decontamination. The unit will clean and dry virtual and augmented reality headsets as well as commercial headphones, helmets, and respirator masks. Like all Cleanbox UVC LED decontamination systems, the CX2 has a 4-year maintenance-free life with no bulb replacement and is rated for up to 600k 1-minute cleaning cycles.

The Cleanbox CX2 has an MSRP of $4,000 (only $84 per month based on a 4-year maintenance-free life).  Compared to using antibacterial wipes, this unit will save you tens of thousands of dollars over its life while providing a 100x improvement in infection control.


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