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Calm Buddy CBD Dog Treats (36 Pack)

Calm Buddy CBD Dog Treats (36 Pack)

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  • 🐾 Tail-Wagging Flavor: Delicious treats that dogs can’t resist.
  • 🌿 CBD Infused: Contains potential benefits of CBD to support canine wellness.
  • 🐶 Calming Formula: Designed to help manage everyday stressors in dogs.
  • 🍃 All-Natural Ingredients: Crafted with care to ensure safety and quality.
  • 🎉 Perfect for All Occasions: Ideal for thunderstorms, fireworks, or any stressful event.
  • Introducing Hemponix’s “Calm Buddy” – a delightful blend of taste and wellness, designed especially for our furry friends. Because just like us, our pets deserve the best!

    A Treat They’ll Love: Every dog parent knows the joy of seeing their pet’s tail wag in excitement for a treat. With our “Calm Buddy” CBD dog treats, not only do you offer them a tasty snack, but you also provide them with the potential benefits of CBD.

    CBD for Canine Wellness: CBD has been gaining attention for its potential benefits in humans, but did you know it might also be beneficial for dogs? Infused with a careful dose of CBD, these treats aim to support the overall wellness of your pet, helping them navigate the stresses of their doggy lives with ease.

    Natural & Safe: At Hemponix, we prioritize safety. Our “Calm Buddy” treats are made with all-natural ingredients, ensuring that your dog gets nothing but the best. No artificial additives, just pure, wholesome goodness.

    For Those Stressful Moments: Thunderstorms, fireworks, vet visits – there are numerous situations that can stress out our pets. These treats are designed to offer a calming effect, helping your dog stay relaxed and at ease, no matter the situation.

    A Pack Full of Love: Each pack contains 36 treats, ensuring that you have enough to last a while. Whether it’s a reward for good behavior, a training aid, or just a token of love, “Calm Buddy” is the perfect choice for every dog parent.

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