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CABLE CAT5 CCA CM 24/4 BLUE 1000 Ft. Ethernet Cable

CABLE CAT5 CCA CM 24/4 BLUE 1000 Ft. Ethernet Cable

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Conversions Technology Blue Cat5e CCA Ethernet Cable: 

Introducing the Conversions Technology Blue Cat5e CCA Ethernet Cable, a paragon in the realm of network solutions, meticulously engineered to facilitate reliable, high-speed data transmission across your network infrastructure. This 1000-foot spool of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, crafted with precision from 23AWG CCA wire, stands out as a quintessential choice for ensuring optimal performance and durability in various networking environments.

Exemplary Performance with 23AWG CCA Wire

Constructed with 23AWG Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) wire, the Blue Cat5e CCA Ethernet Cable assures a robust, reliable, and economically efficient solution for your networking requirements. CCA wire ensures stellar conductivity and maintains signal integrity across extended distances, ensuring efficient and reliable data transmission across your network.

Enhanced Safety and Durability with PVC (CM) Rated Jacket

Enveloped in a PVC (CM) rated blue jacket, the cable provides a safeguard against physical and environmental adversities while ensuring compliance with fire safety codes, making it a prudent choice for in-wall installations and versatile usage across various environments.

Distinctive Blue Jacketing for Organized Installations

The vibrant blue jacketing not only augments the aesthetic appeal of your installation but also facilitates effortless identification and management of your network cabling, ensuring a neat, organized, and visually coherent setup.

Specifications at a Glance:

  • Color: Vibrant Blue
  • Length: 1000-foot Spool
  • Cable Type: Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
  • Wire Material: 23AWG Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA)
  • Jacket Material: PVC (CM) Rated
  • Application: Suitable for in-wall installations and diverse networking environments

Secure Your Network with Conversions Technology

Embark on a journey towards seamless connectivity, robust data transmission, and aesthetic installations with the Conversions Technology Blue Cat5e CCA Ethernet Cable. Tailored to meet your multifaceted networking needs while ensuring ease of installation and adherence to safety standards, we bring forth a solution that epitomizes quality and reliability in the networking domain.

Discover a realm where precision, quality, and reliability converge with Conversions Technology’s networking solutions, ensuring that your connections are not only robust and compliant with industry standards but also crafted to deliver unparalleled performance.

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