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Biomeology Mama Probiotics (30 Capsule Bottle)

Biomeology Mama Probiotics (30 Capsule Bottle)

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Did you know your baby’s gut health truly begins long before birth? Pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to give your baby a lifetime of healthy gut bacteria with a probiotic uniquely formulated for expecting and new moms.

You’ll notice a difference in your own body, too; supporting your gut during pregnancy can help regulate digestion, improve mood, and promote vaginal health—giving you much-needed support during one of your body’s most delicate times. (Time to say goodbye to nausea and lackluster bowel movements in pregnancy).  

Many women assume they already have healthy digestion and a strong immune system, but our modern-day environment of stress, antibiotics, processed foods and toxins all take a toll on your gut health. 

Here’s the thing: not all probiotics are created equal.

Many use fillers, additives, and questionable strains that disrupt your microbiome–the last thing you need during pregnancy. Ours are meticulously designed to be gentle and give your body only the highest quality bacterial strains to nourish your flora. 

Chronic constipation, gas, and other embarrassing, uncomfortable “gut issues” plague women before, during, and after pregnancy. Get your system back into balance with Biomeology Mama Probiotics, which is doctor-formulated with a high concentration of Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001. 

Studies show this bacteria strain helps restore a strong and diverse gut microbiome—giving both you and your baby all the benefits that come from a healthy digestive system.

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