Axis Group - Soap Three Pack

$ 15.00

Product Details

Choose from our "Classic" lineup (our old formula) or our "Organic" lineup (our new formula)

Both are

  • Gluten-Free
  • Gentle & Moisturizing
  • No micas or artificial colors
  • No synthetic fragrances--scented with only essential oils and organic scent extracts.
  • Sensitive-skin friendly!

The new organic formula is:

  • Palm-Free
  • 85% organic

The "classic" formula is:

  • Longer-lasting
  • What you've been using for the last 9 years

Our soaps are gentle in every way. Their fragrances are pleasant but not overpowering. They clean well but don't strip skin. Made with organic oils and scented only with and organic essential oils and extracts, these soaps are a pure delight. Gentle enough for faces, babies, and sensitive skin. Our bars have added organic vegetable glycerin so they don't dry out your skin like other bar soaps. Our soaps contain absolutely no synthetic fragrances, micas, or artificial colors--just pure organic goodness!

"Organic" vs. "Classic"--which to choose?

The "Classic" bars are what you've been used to using for the last 9 years. The "Organic" is a totally new formula and process, top to bottom. 

The "Classic" bars have less organic content, but they are longer-lasting. The "Organic" has a higher organic content and no palm oil, but do not last as long. 

The "Classic" bars are best suited for shower use. The "Organic" bars are best suited for use on hands at the sink, or as a bath soap, as it dissolves easily in water. 

Ingredients: refer to individual product listings. 

Directions: Lather soap bar in water with hands or a washcloth. Apply lather to body for cleansing! Can be used on hands, face, and body. 

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