Axis Group - Moboo® & Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Shakers

$ 14.99

Product Details

Made of 93% recycled stainless steel and renewable Molded Bamboo®, these versatile yet classy salt and pepper shakers are perfect for restaurant and at home use. Easily dispense salt, pepper, sugar, powdered sugar, and other spices with the leverage handle and easy fill bottoms.  The lightweight and smooth finish offers a modern yet durable product that looks great on the counter tops while ensuring your salts, sugars, and spices stay toxin and chemical free!

Item Details:

  • 2.75-inch-round, 4-inch-tall.
  • Made of Molded Bamboo®, produced with bamboo sawdust, rice starch and an all-natural, plant-based binder
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Great for restaurant or at home use


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