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All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner (Regular - All Colors)

All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner (Regular - All Colors)

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Aren’t you tired of your clammy sleeping bag fabric?  When you put our All-Paca™ Sleeping Bag Liner between you and that clammy nylon - you’ll really notice the difference. Even with baffles, when you move around in a sleeping bag in cold weather, that cold air gets in and makes the nylon bag fabric clammy and cold; but with alpaca fiber - you never feel it - the alpaca fiber is so comfortable and is great at regulating your sleep climate.

All of us who love the backcountry also love gear that is multi-purpose, and our bag liner fits the bill.  Have you ever seen someone walking around camp with their polyester bag liner wrapped around them? Probably not - because there is no reason to. But our All-Paca™ Sleeping Bag Liner makes a GREAT shoulder wrap on cool damp evenings and mornings - and don’t worry, alpaca fiber laughs at dampness. Just throw it in your pack, and it will be fine when you get to the next camp site. Its also great as a stadium blanket, or to just throw in your daypack - you never know when you might need it.

A lot of experienced backpackers use our Sleeping Bag Liner alone as a lightweight summer bag.  

We typically ship orders within a week from date of purchase to provide time for processing and packaging as we fulfill and package every order by hand. If we have an influx of orders (i.e. when we drop new inventory), it may take up to two weeks for shipment of items.

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