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All-Paca Ponchos (all Colors)

All-Paca Ponchos (all Colors)

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Ponchos have been regarded for centuries as an extremely functional and practical garment, with origins that trace back to the Andean and Patagonian regions of South America. At AppGearCo, we love products that combine practicality and functionality…products that are useful in a wide range of climates and situations. The classic Poncho is one of those products—a highly effective layer that is versatile, easy to put on and take off, and highly breathable (like all our All-Paca™ products). Our new All-Paca™ Poncho is made from 100% baby alpaca fleece with no added synthetics. This highly packable piece has natural temperature regulating properties, so you’ll stay warm when it’s cold but won’t overheat on sunnier days, plus it insulates even when it’s wet. The Poncho works great under a rain poncho for added warmth, as an outer layer, or you can stuff it in your sleeping bag for extra insulation. With a unisex hooded design, the All-Paca™ Poncho is a sustainable, high-performance alternative to synthetic options that anyone can rock on the trail and beyond.

We typically ship orders within a week from date of purchase to provide time for processing and packaging as we fulfill and package every order by hand. If we have an influx of orders (i.e. when we drop new inventory), it may take up to two weeks for shipment of items.

Our Ponchos are always limited runs, so if you see one you like, grab it before its gone !

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