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3/8'' Drive Digital Torque Wrench 10-100 Ft-lbs

3/8'' Drive Digital Torque Wrench 10-100 Ft-lbs

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The ARES 3/8-Inch Drive Flex Head Electronic Digital Torque and Torque Angle Wrench measures within ranges of 10-100 ft/lbs (13.5-135Nm) with an accuracy tolerance of ±2% clockwise or ±3% counter-clockwise(Never use a torque wrench to loosen bolts). ARES electronic digital torque wrench with angle function feature 3 separate modes Peak Torque, Torque Angle and Peak Torque Angle so you can get it done right the first time. Each torque wrench also offers ten available presets, so you can save and select to your most frequently used torque and angle settings in a flash, and the easy-to-use digital interface allows you to adjust your specified torque, angle and warning tolerances with the push of a button. Torque readouts can switch between five units of measurement, including: Nm, ft/lbs, in/lbs, kgf/m, and kgf/cm. The ARES electronic digital torque wrench features a multi-alert system to help ensure you do not ever over-torque a bolt. When your specified torque or angle is reached, the handle will vibrate, an audible buzzer will sound, and the LCD display back light will flash and change to solid red color to let you know it’s time to release force. The handle features a proprietary ergonomic comfort grip to ensure a steady hold on this torque wrench during use, and the included blow mold storage case will protect the finish and accuracy of your ARES electronic digital torque wrench, so you can count on it every time you need it.


  • Includes: 1 pc. Digital torque wrench and 1 pc. Storage case
  • 3/8-inch Drive
  • 72-tooth flexible ratchet head design
  • Torque Range: 10-100 ft/lbs (13.5-135Nm)
  • 3 separate modes Peak Torque, Torque Angle and Peak Torque Angle
  • 10 available torque and angle setting presets to store and select the most frequently used settings
  • Switch between five units of measurement: Nm, ft/lbs, in/lbs, kgf/m, and kgf/cm
  • ±2% Clockwise and ±3% Counter-Clockwise Accuracy Tolerance
  • Thumb switch on the back of ratchet head makes it easy to adjust between clockwise and counterclockwise movement
  • Easy-to-use digital interface adjusts your specified torque, angle, and warning tolerance with the push of a button
  • Multi-alert system causes handle to vibrate, buzzer to sound, and LCD display back light to light flash and change color when specified torque is reached, preventing over-torquing
  • Proprietary ergonomic comfort grip handle
  • High quality storage case included
  • Calibrated before shipping: Calibration certificate included
  • Meets and exceeds ANSI/ASME standards

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