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25ft RCA Audio/Video Cable - 2 WIRE (2.7 Mm Thick)

25ft RCA Audio/Video Cable - 2 WIRE (2.7 Mm Thick)

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RCA composite audio video cables provides high definition video signal transfer between DVD, game systems, blue ray players, cable and satellite set top boxes, and high-end TVs, monitors for optimum picture resolution and color . This top of the line component cable was design to meet the latest HD standards

This Sigma RCA Audio/Video cable is used to transfer an audio/video signal between devices that support composite RCA connections. Fully molded connectors provide strain relief while nickel plated connectors provide superior connectivity.

  • 2.7mm Audio / Video Cables
  • Nickel Plated Connectors
  • Fully Molded Red, White, & Yellow Connectors
  • Flexible PVC Outer Jacket
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