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21 Pcs Drill Brush Set

21 Pcs Drill Brush Set

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Transform your cleaning routine with the Diamond Shine 21 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set. This comprehensive kit includes power scrub brushes, scouring pads, sponges, and a drill extension. Let your drill do the hard work, saving you time and energy. The set complements all Diamond Shine household cleaning products, ensuring a thorough clean for every surface.

The 6 Heavy Duty Power Scrub Brushes are designed for various tasks, from gentle scrubbing of carpets and glass to heavy-duty paint stripping and de-scaling. The assortment of 12 scouring pads comes in different levels of firmness, making them suitable for polishing glass, scrubbing fiberglass, stainless steel, and handling heavy-duty scrubbing conditions.

The set also includes a scrub pad adapter with hook & loop for easy attachment, two sponges for gentle cleaning and polishing, and a 6" drill adapter with quick release. Compatible with all standard electric and battery-operated drills, this versatile Diamond Shine set is a must-have for household cleaning. Please note that the drill is not included in the set. Upgrade your cleaning arsenal with the Diamond Shine 21 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set – heavy-duty, versatile, and designed for efficiency.

  • 6 - Heavy Duty Power Scrub Brushes 
  1. White - 2" Soft Bristle - Carpet, Glass and other gentle Scrubbing
  2. Yellow - 4" Medium Bristle - Tile and Grout, Fiberglass Showers, Siding
  3. Black - 2" Medium Bristle -  Linoleum, General Purpose Cleaning
  4. Black - 4" Hard Bristle - Stripping of loose paint, heavy-duty de-scaling, mortar
  5. Black & Yellow - 3.5" Medium Bristle Dome Shaped - Ideal for toilet bowls
  • 12- Souring Pads
  1. (3) Orange / Soft - Polishing Glass, Light Scrubbing, and Plastic Cleaning
  2. (3) Red / Medium - Fiberglass Scrubbing, Stainless Steel, and Chrome
  3. (3) Black / Firm - Metal cooking utensils and Equipment, Pans and Skillets
  4. (3) Green / Aggressive - Heavey Duty and Harsh Scrubbing Conditions
  • (1) Scrub Pad Adapter (hook & Loop)
  • (2)- Sponges
  1. Flat Sponge - Gentle cleaning, polishing, Dishes, Designed For Flat Surfaces
  2. Contoured Sponge - Gentle Cleaning, Polishing, Designed for Curved Areas
  • (1) 6" Drill Adapter With Quick Release
  • Fits all standard electric and battery operated drills
  • *drill not included with set
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