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Ares Tool

14-Inch Camping Hatchet

14-Inch Camping Hatchet

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This ARES Camping Hatchet is 14 inches long, making it a powerful addition to any outdoorsman or adventure tool kit. This hatchet’s drop-forged heat-treated Grade A high-carbon steel axe head provides it with increased durability and strength, and its fiberglass composite handle makes for a lightweight yet sturdy tool. The hatchet’s hollow core handle provides a balance point near the head, creating the perfect weight distribution and increasing swing speed and striking power. Ideal for various outdoor activities, this hatchet also includes a patented reusable locking cover that protects the blade and your belongings and also features a ceramic blade sharpener built in.


  • Includes: 1 pc. Camping hatchet
  • Length: 14 inches
  • Heat treated drop forged high-carbon steel head
  • Fully contained over molded design permanently secures head in place
  • Aggressive cutting angles for better, more efficient contact
  • Patented locking blade cover includes ceramic blade sharpener built in
  • Lightweight hollow core fiberglass handle
  • Balance point near head for perfect weight distribution
  • Applications include working with firewood, gardening work, hiking needs, and other outdoor activities
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